i get fucked up too much.

Just another “what i wore today,” entry. I know i haven’t been very consistent with these, my memory these days is terrible. 
Hat - Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Hat LE
Shirt - Mint green, Custom-fit Polo Ralph Lauren Oxford
Jacket - Brooks Brothers Seersucker Jacket.
Shorts - Vineyard Vines Rhubarb Clubhouse Short
Shoes - LL Bean Rubber Moc
Im drinking Woodford Reserve, Small batch bourbon.
May 23rd, 2013. 

that716kid’s “What I Wore Today” excursion

I know I haven’t been on this in awhile and its not like anyone really follows me on this anyway. The followers I currently possess have probably forgotten of my existence and were just to lazy to unfollow me. Anyway, I’m back and id like to start doing a “What I Wore Today” kind of segment. If you look at my page or know me at all, you know I like clothes. Style and the way you wear your clothes can make you look like a million bucks or like a try hard, real quick.¬†

Anyway, getting back on topic….i don’t see a large amount of guys doing “WIWT” posts, but fuck it, i will. A lot of the dudes dont have a great sense of ‘style’ or the ‘swagger’ to really make the clothes look that good imo. So im gonna try i suppose. hahah

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